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Sheridan Correctional Malachi Dads Prayer Request - Friday Janauray 7, 2011

Greeting Prayer Warriors

We are about ¾ the way through our Experiencing God study. We did not meet for a couple of weeks, a planned night off December 24th for Christmas but an unplanned night off December 31st as the administration put Sheridan on lockdown, a common practice in prison facilities on New Years Eve.

Here are this week’s prayer request. I was moved by how many are missing loved ones for various reasons. Thanks for your prayers.

Eli – Please pray for a good outcome of my January 24th court date of a order of protection that my children’s mother Bobbi placed on me today against my three children Kourtney, Kaitlin & Eli to be removed in the name of Jesus

Rafael – I pray that the almighty One, the true living God will grant me peace, a mouthful of praise and a heart of Thanksgiving. I thank Him for 2011. Amen

Kevin – I would really like for you to pray that my wife write to me or come see me or one day that I could call and talk to my kids. Thank you for your prayers.

James – I’m trying to get back in touch with my child, his mom has written to me but when I write back my mail is returned. I pray that she figure something is wrong with the mail and not me. Please Lord help me see my child. God bless

Rodney – I ask you to pray that God will give me sustaining grace throughout this New Year. Love you and God bless.

Jacob – I want you to pray for my family, my grandma, my church family and my little brother who is in foster care. Pray that I meet my earthly father and be able to join my family on his side. Pray that I become a better musician, to my music and my ministry. Pray that I can help young brothers and sisters who are lost and don’t know which way to go. Pray that I find peace within myself, Pray that I can bless people.

? – Prayer for knowledge to pass the language and arts writing part of the GED test that I have to take over, also for me to keep God the center of my life. To walk according to His command and for my family to turn it over to Christ Jesus

Lidell – Could you please pray for my mom, my children, Gene and Carloyne. Pray for Gene’s health that God may bless him and his wife

Jesse –I been so down in my spirit I have laid my Bible. I don’t read it like I should. I’ve been so negative I need you to keep me in prayer because I am falling by the side letting the devil steal my joy.

Charles – I would like for prayer for me to have a good year. Prayer for me to choose the right recovery home to move to. Pray for me to stay sober and keep growing in the 12 step program. Pray for my relationship to keep growing closer to God. Prayer for my relationship with my mother and daughter to become closer. Prayer for a good job. Thank you

John P – I am praying that the Lord bless me with the 6 months mentorious/supplemental good time and if possible work release. I’m also asking that the Lord please help my daughter’s mom. Please help my daughter to write me because I write letters and sends cards as instructed to and I’m relying on God & faith to allow the response letters. I also would like to have my faith, peace of mind increase. Prayfully yours.

Randy – Please pray for my brother Oliver he lost his mother. Please pray that my obedience strengthen, please pray for all my family, friends and loved ones.

Adam – Grace, mercy and peace be unto you and your ministry. I pray the absolute best all & I pray for the strength and wisdom to get through and stay focused on the Lord. I’m asking for prayer on the countries of the world & the leaders. “The harvest is big but few are the workers.” Pray also for the persecutors that are persecuting the body of Christ. “He’s not willing that any should perish.” Pray for the POW & MIA’s along with their families. Praise, honor and glory be unto Christ Jesus. AMEN

Antoine – Pray for my family and myself that I can find the necessary adjustments for God in my life. That my patience level gets better. To be able not to judge my peers none of us are perfect but by us being Christians and followers of God we need to do as Christians do. To stay firm in my belief in Christ and to become more obedient.

? – I ask that you pray for the growth of us all who are attending this study course our families and communities.

Devery – I must keep it real with you all, I haven’t heard from my mother Mary since 10-7-09 and this has become very frustrating to me and for me. I have asked a lot of people to pray for me in dealing with this and I know I need to have more faith and cast all my cares on the most High. I just wish this last time that you would pray that I would hear from her this New Year. Thank you for interceding for me and with me pertaining to this matter, that’s been heavy on my mind and my heart. I’m an inmate as Sheridan and I’m grateful that you are praying for my mother and me : - )

Clarence – Lord God I would love to hear from my two sons (Justin and Brendon) and their mother. God you know where they are in Texas Pray that God would touch Finesha’s heart to communicate with me. Pray for their safety I have not heard from them in about 17 months. Lord God I ask for favor from you in Jesus name.

Miguel – Keep my wife Lizette in prayer that her work comes around so that she doesn’t go through so many difficulties at home. Also I ask that you pray for my daughter Deliah, that her faith in God continues to grow and that she stays in church and Bible study. Thank you and God bless

Robert – Pray for my friends; John P, Stephen, Vinah, Nelton, Erin, and my mother who is sick and taking care of my son. They needs God’s grace now more than ever. I have complete faith and prayer and belief that they will be taken care of. Also my sister and her two boys need blessings. Please also pray for me to maintain growth in my relationship with God and help guide others to Christ and glorify God.

Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord;

Scott Kalas

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