Saturday, June 19, 2010

Prayer Request Men of Sheridan June 18, 2010

A news flash if you will Sean who was the only one with perfect attendance for 40 sessions missed the 41st and last teaching session. Apparently not feeling well. It will be a challenge not to razz him next week for our last class of celebration. Another news flash is Robert S joined us this evening. Robert was quit coming so the explanation goes when the previous Assistant Warden Programs removed men from attending to many classroom programs. Not sure what all the facts are but it was good to see him. In fact I told the men that if former students Nathan and Lawrence get permission to join us next week for our celebration they’re welcome.

James – My name is James whoever receives this prayer request can you please pray that I stay away from my old behavior while I’m still young

Quincy – Hey how are you guys doing? Fine I hope and pray. I’d like to thank you guys for praying for me and my children. I am about to get released from here less than two weeks and I’d rally appreciate it if you guys continue to pray for me and that I become a better father to my children. Thanks for praying for me and my children God bless

John – Request prayer for understanding to make the right decisions toward my drug and alcohol treatment and where I’ll be paroling to upon release

Robert S – I would like to thank you Scott for allowing me to come and listen to you share God’s word and give the wisdom you have and taking the time out to come here. You don’t have to but God has given you a heart to disciple us. Thank you I will continue to pray for you and your family. I will ask you to please continue to pray for my family that God will keep me on the right road once I leave here. Thank you once again

Miguel – Hello and God bless I hope that you are in good health. Once again I ask you keep Rochelle in prayer so that she recovers from her accident that put her in a coma and she pulls through any difficulties that she may have due to this. Also that you keep my wife in prayer that her job gives her more work and in good health when she goes to the doctor that there are no traces of the cancer that she had. Thank you for keeping them in prayer and I pray that God continues to bless all of you who continue to pray us that are incarcerated. God bless you and be safe.

Michael – This will be our last Bible study together so will you please pray for all of us in this class. That we will stay in good grace with God, that is to stay in His good grace. Pray also that we will be able to keep what God has given us through Scott. And ask God to bless Scott as well because we love him with godly love. Pray for all the lost souls in the world

I plan to collect prayer request next week but my heart cannot wait until next week to being to give you thanks for praying for these men. Until then though with as much words can sincerely say in an e-mail – Thank you and to Him be the glory.

Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord;

Scott Kalas
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