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Sheridan Correctional Malachi Dads Prayer Request - Friday Janauray 14, 2011

Greeting prayer warriors;

A couple of prayer request from me for a couple of men who I had in class last year.

Sean – I heard from another former student that Sean who was paroled last fall supposedly relapsed with his drug addiction. He is also supposedly back in treatment and thus far has not violated parole. Please pray that he will seek God fully and sincerely in his trials.

Quincy – I periodically check the IDOC web site to follow-up on the status of various inmates that are not on parole. This evening I did a follow-up on Quincy and he has been classified as an absconder aka fugitive. This of course was very disappointing. I had high hopes for Quincy especially in being a solid dad towards his son. I do not know details of his current situation but please pray that he will yield to God’s will by repenting and contact his parole officer.

There will be a Malachi Dad’s class next week but Brian will be going solo. I’m attending a class sponsored by the Navigator’s that I pray will benefit SOCPM for God’s glory, thus no prayer request

As for the Malachi Dad prayer request they follow

Devery – Would you continue to pray that Father God in Jesus name continue to use me as an instrument of inspiration to other men that are in my path as long I’m here at Sheridan and I would like you to pray for my daughter Darcee who’s 11-years old and her mother Dancas – Thank You

Adam – Grace, peace and mercy ne on to you all in the name of Jesus. Could I request a prayer for my walk in Christ and the hunger I once had seems to be fading. Please keep the martyr’s suffering and persecuted for Christ name and others in the world that are sick and suffering to give them the strength to get through and come to know Christ. God bless, peace and love in Christ

Anson – For my walk with Christ Jesus to grow in a might way. To be more focused in God and His word. I’m struggling in my walk with Him. I’m weak in certain areas of my life letting people stop me from speaking God’s Good News to the world. I need to be in tune with the Holy Spirit and allow Him to control me. Thanks God Bless

Antoine – I pray that I can become more frugal with my time, to be able to read the Bible more and manage my time more usefully, to pray that I stay in an attitude of gratitude and keep a positive of mind and for my family to stay strong and healthy and to be closer to God.

Charles – My name is Charles I would like prayer for me to have a closer relationship with God. Also pray for me to do His will and for Him to watch over me and walk with me as I go on from Sheridan.

Miguel – I just ask you pray for every individual that is going through situations in their lives that they believe that there’s nothing that can get them out of the problem. The truth is if they turn it over to God things will start getting a whole lot better and it might just get resolved completely if they put their faith in Christ Jesus and God our heavenly Father. Thank you for your prayers and God Bless.

Rafael – Thank you Father God for all you have done in my life and for all of which you are going to do. Mainly Father hear me your servant clothe the poor feed the hungry. Help those who are in need, the young and the old. Comfort the broken hearted, heal the sick in Jesus most precious name I pray Amen

Randy – Please pray for my family, please pray for my ability to follow directions in detail. Please pray for all the sick and suffering. Please pray that my faith strengthens Amen
Jon – Pray for favor and God’s grace

Rodney – Please pray that God will continue to this facility, Scott and Brian Thank you and God bless
Levi – I would like you to pray that Scott, Brian and all the participants in this study group. Pray for our continuous growth in seeking to live a righteous life through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and for the safety our families, loved ones and our communities.

Robert M – Please pray for my mother who is taking care of my son while I am in here at Sheridan. She is often sick and had her hip replaced. Robert Oliver M III, is my son who is 4-years old Also my soul mate is struggling with her relationship with God, as she also is in IDOC Decatur, IL. Pray for my sister Mary and her two boys, brother Naura and his family, and my friends here in IDOC; York Craig, Stephen and John

Robert F – I’m asking for prayer in my obedience in the Lord and for my family, my parents dealing with sickness and my Aunt Geraldine and her recovery from heart surgery and for the Holy Spirit’s presence over Sheridan – Thank you and God bless

John P – Please pray that the Lord continues to share His love and grace on me. Please my two little girls especially Alysha because she turned 5-years old the twelfth of January. Also bless the Governor as he makes the tough decisions when it comes to releasing inmates into the public. Also continue to bless Scott and Brian as they come to share the Word with us every Friday. Also watch over Scott’s son and lead him into God’s path. Prayfully yours

? – Please pray for peace on earth and all families to be safe for a life time and find God to be their Savior

Clarence – My prayer request is that the wisdom of God will rest upon me and I will experience God by obeying Him. Also that I will hear from my loved ones

Lidell – Just pray for the people of the world that they may find Jesus, that they may find love and happiness

DeAngelo – I would like for you to pray for me in my spiritual walk. For my reuniting with my ex-spouse Iesha. Special prayer for Derrick, my mother Michelle and Aunty Yolanda

Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord;

Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries™

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