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Sheridan Correctional Malachi Dads Prayer Request - Friday December 10, 2010

Greeting Prayer Warriors

We reached the halfway mark of our study “Experiencing God” with the completion of Unit 6 our 11th session over all in the Malachi Dads program at Sheridan Correctional Center and each week god draws me closer to the men and shows me their desire to be drawn closer to God.

Jessie – Please pray for me and my family during this holiday season that the may have a blessed Christmas, that God keep them safe

Lidell – Please pray for my children during this holiday season, that they may have a blessed Christmas; Cordell 11, Tanya, Ammera 18, Jahmeela 16, Jasmine 15, Jeanett 14, Lidell, 13

Clarence – Pray for wisdom godly wisdom

Robert – I would like you to pray for my Uncle Mike, Aunt Tina, son Robert and mother who is taking care of him, my sister Misty who is struggling with her faith and family, Mike C, Vince Y , Edgar N, Cameron and their respective families, my daughters and their mothers, my wife she is also incarcerated and me Robert.

Devery – Would you please pray for my two elder friends that have truly been a big part of my spiritual walk, Coral and John. They need healing cause they are both in their 70s. Pray that I hear some news about my Mother, Mary. I have not heard from her in over a year. I have asked someone that stays close to her to check on her but I have not even heard from them, yet. I would like for you to also pray that my walk with Father God will be deeply strengthened. Thank you so much for your prayers.

?? - I ask that you pray for my Mom, Lovette, and my children and their Mom and family, that God would be with them during this holiday season and bless their hearts to be cheerful givers to others, if they can.

?? – For strength in the time of trouble. Sometimes I fall into temptation. I get weary also in situations. I know that I am blessed with the Holy Spirit but I just need to rely on the spirit and most of all list to Him. Thanks, God bless you.

John – Please pray that our 6 month good time comes back and if possible I be released early to do the will of God by sharing my story and testimony with them so that if they are experiencing the struggles I went through then I can be a blessing to them. I also would like for my daughter to write me back. I would like prayer for my daughter’s Mom to find it in her heart to forgive me for allowing alcohol to ruin our relationship. Prayerfully yours.

Randy – Please pray:
1. For all the people going through tragic situations
2. For me to conquer all my problems through God
3. That I strengthen my faith, patience, and understanding
4. For my family, friends, and loved ones
Amen, God bless

Eli – God I pray for my health, that you will clear up my throat problems, in the name of Jesus. Also that you will clear it up for your glory, Abba.

Jon – Requesting pray for an early releases. Thank you.

Levi – I would like for you to pray for us all here attending this Malachi Dads Study Course and our continuous growth in Christ. Pray for our families and loved ones and their safety and well being and also for our communities as a whole.

Miguel – I ask that you keep my family and myself in prayer through these rough times. For my wife that they continue to find work for her so that she may keep her house. Pray for myself that my walk with God continues to grow and I get back on track cause I stumbled and took my focus off of God and left it on the world for a while. I thank you for all your prayers and support and God bless you all.

Jacob – I need for you to pray for me to forgive other people who do wrong to me. Pray for me to forgive myself for hating other people who hate me. Pray that I love myself some day soon.

Antoine – Thank you for your prayers and for praying for my son. I would love for you to continue prayer for us. For us to become stronger in His word and also for good health. I would also like you to pray for my nephew, Javonta, that whatever he is doing God may be able to stop him and that Javonta will hear God’s voice to stop doing wrong. Thank you and God bless you.

Kevin – Please pray for me and my family. I am worried about them. Pray that they get in touch with me. I really thank you for your prayers.

DeAngelo – I pray that the Lord reunites me and my baby’s mother and continue to bless my mother and family. I pray that His will be done in my life as will every man in the facility. I ask for a special prayer for my friend Derick who has been locked up for something he didn’t do.

Raamon – I’m still praying for my family and most of all I am still praying to find my son, Raamon David. God bless and Merry Christmas.

Rafael - Please pray for my kids, that they will have a blessed Christmas. Pray that they are safe and have food to eat. I also pray that they will come to visit me. In Jesus name, I pray.

Rodney – Please pray that God will redirect the lives of my family, watch over my children and bless this facility. Thank you and God bless you.

Robert F. – Asking for prayer for my Aunt Geraldine, my mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. Jones and just for the Lord to look over my family and keep me focused on God and keep a postive mind and let all my words and actions be to serve the Lord and give Him praise. Thank you and God bless you.

JJ – Thank you for praying for me. God is good, now my prayers go out to you and I pray that God blesses you. Merry Christmas to all and continue to pray for me. My asthma has gotten better, thanks to you and God all Mighty. There are some things only God can do. Love, your brother in Christ.

Adam – Please pray for them that get persecuted for the faith in Christ, the Martyr’s Missionary workers, evangelists and also the sick and suffering in and out of faith. One prayer for me would be a closer more devote walk for Christ. We all fall short but I know I could be much, much closer to the Lord and His will for my life being my number one concern. Not my will but His be done. Amen. God bless!

Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord;

Scott Kalas

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