Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sheridan Prayer Request Friday March 5, 2010

Hello Prayer Warriors,

I had a busy weekend and apologize for lateness

We had a really good discussion this last Friday on anger. The men could and did honestly reflect on how ‘sinful’ anger has caused a lot of negative consequences in their personal lives. We also shared some good light hearted moments it was good to share some laughs with the men.

The prayer request for this week are along the same line as previous and I take that as a sign there are now any looming challenges or overwhelming trials, but rather the continuing desires of their hearts

James – My name is James and who ever receives this prayer request, please pray for me that I may continue to change from the life of crime. It’s hard but I’m making progress slowly but surely

Quincy – My name is Quincy and I would like for you to pray for me and my family that the cycle of coming to jail would end and that the Lord keep watch over me and my family

Michael – Just pray for all the people in the world and all the nation that are in deep trouble having really bad problems.

Sean – That God’s will be done in my life, that my family stay strong in God, that God continue to bless Scott and his family and that Scott will continue to have traveling mercies bringing God’s word to us here at Sheridan

This week we will discuss the ever fun topic of ‘Sex.’ Though it can be mentioned with light heartedness, sadly this gift from God between a husband and wife can be one of the most challenging sins to keep under control. Especailly with the promotion of it so heavily in our culture. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to be present in my presenting of the material and of the men’s heart in receiving it.

On a personal note, as you may know, I’ve been unemployed since November and though God has provided it be a joy to employed in some capacity again. I myself would love to pursue a vocation in prison ministry but the pay in this vocation is very low and unless we are able to sell our town home in Carol Stream that is almost out of the question barring God doing a miracle. Please pray if it is God’s will for me to pursue prison ministry as vocation at this time He bring us a buyer of the town home and open doors for emloyment in this vocation. If it is not His will that He bring me employment in the EDI field.

One additional note my brother Dwight recently became unemployed as well if you could please lift him in prayer for employment. He is also not saved a prayervrfo his salvation is paramount.

Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Chriiprst Jesus our Lord;

Scott Kalas

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