Sunday, May 30, 2010

Men of Sheridan Prayer Requests Friday May 28, 2010

All six men were present tonight for I felt one of the most attentive classes a lesson on "Decisions".

Big or small the decisions we make can have consequences we regret, I reminded the men it was a poor decision that resulted in them being incarcerated. A strong emphasis was placed on not just making a good decision but the best decision. The best decisions come from wisdom and wisdom does not come from knowing a lot of stuff it comes from knowing God’s Word

James – My name is James can you please pray for me that I may grow in the Word of God. Also can you pray for the people who are lost in a life of sin and the believers who give into sin.

Quincy – How are you doing? Fine, I hope. I just like you for continually pray for me and my children that when I get release from here that I reunite with all my children Thank you and God bless you and your family.

Jon – Prayer for wisdom to make the right decisions

Miguel – My wife is having problems with the social security office and it is beginning to affect her because the are saying she owes more money after she paid them what they said she owes. I have been keeping her in my prayer that they find the mistake that they have made so that it doesn’t stress her out more than it already has. Thank you and God bless

Michael – Will you please pray for all the sick suffering people in this world . Again please will you pray for a wonderful, kind, beautiful hearted who has answered my request from last week to pray for another woman who doctors told that she doesn’t have long to live. Pray that God will bless both of the women and all the sick and suffering of this world.

Sean – I pray that God’s will be my will, I pray that Scott receives traveling mercies and that his family continually to walk and live in God. That my family chose God as their savior and thank you Jesus for the Holy Spirit.

A special request of prayer for Jon. Though the other men were quite attentive Jon was very distant tonight. I sensed there was a heavy burden on Jon’s heart. I talked with him for the short walk we have from the classroom to where I have to exit and he said he was OK, but Jon by his own admission finds it a challenge to share his burdens with others. Please pray that through the Holy Spirit Jon will come to know the steps he needs to take to find the peace and joy his heart desires.

Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord;

Scott Kalas
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