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Sheridan Correctional Center Prayer Requests for 09/25/2009 & 10/02/09

Prayer Request for September 25, 2009

Michael D: Please will you pray for an officer here in this prison. He is seeking god Pray that our Lord Jesus Christ will come to him and touch his heart. He has a good heart and I personally care a lot for him, because he is a good person and God showed me how – Thank you and God bless

Lawrence: Pray that I will totally and completely dedicate my life to the Lord Jesus Christ

Nathan: I would like you to pray that the flood gates of heaven would be open here for my peers in disciples for Christ and myself. That God would bless us all with wisdom as he had done for Solomon. I also ask as I continue on this journey that God would lead me in a lasting, trusting and obedient life with Him. I pray that he blesses my family, friends and even my enemies and you that is standing in the gap for a sinner like me.

James: I need you to pray for me that I stop focusing on the worldly things. I find myself focused on possessions and things of this world.

Sean: Restoration with my two daughters. To become the son God wants me to be to my parents, and a brother to my sister. That God’s will be at the head of my life.

Sam: Could you please pray for me that I become more bolder with the Word of God. Pray for me that that I might study the Word of God more and pray for me to start enjoying life and be able to love and accept love and pray for me that I get my life together and that I might stay strong in the word Thank you very much.

Quincy: Hello my name is Quincy and I am new in Christ and I would like for you to pray for me and my children. I haven’t seen my children or heard from my children in a while. I pray that I here from my family and children. Thank you and God bless you all.

Robert: Pray please that the Lord will keep everyone in Sheridan CC from harm and that the Lord would bless and keep all of our families and yours.

Prayer Request for October 2, 2009

Quincy: I pray that whoever read this prayer request pray for my children, that our Father who in heaven watched over my children and my mom and my son’s mother who is also incarcerated due to her drug addiction. I pray that she find God in her life – Amen Quincy Thank you

Michael K – Please pray for my son Jahari, 13 months is his age

Lawrence: Pray that I will be sensitive to the Holy spirit in all areas of my life

Sean: That God’s will be done in my life, that I will be reunited with my two daughters and that they receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. That my parents receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. That Sheridan Correctional Center stay blessed by God that it will continue to help save lives.

Michael D: Please will you pray for all who are not Christians and do not know the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray for the ones that hate me and you also pray for me that I will continue in my faith and love for the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and my health – Thank you, God Bless

Nathan: I would like you to pray for my precious daughters, Naenita and Natalie. I haven’t seen them in three years and every day I kind of beat up on myself for being a dead beat dad!. So I pray that as David stated in Psalm 37:25 that these calamities don’t overtake them. Please pray that his divine love continue to keep them. Thank You God Bless

Sam: Dear friend I wish you would say a prayer for me that I might be stronger in my walk with God; To help me with my lying and my forgiveness for others and myself. And pray for me that I might learn to love my brothers and help me to be steadfast in the Lord.

Robert: That the Lord bless and keep watch over Scott and his family and that the Lord open up his heart and mind more clear to understand His word in the name of Jesus and thank God for whom ever it is that is praying for us. (Robert also is praying for someone to bless him with and old King James Bible, his current one is falling apart)

A personal request for me is to have more time to prepare for the class and prepare a list of post prison ministries for these men so they can begin to pursue a place of safety and Christ centered environment upon their release

Thank you

Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord;

Scott Kalas

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