Thursday, October 8, 2009


"The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners." Isaiah 61:1


Tony P. Please pray that God keeps my feet headed in the right way.

Rolf M. Pray for me for a safe journey.

Donald H. Pray for Natalie.

Jeremiah M. Please pray me to complete the Gateway Program and for guidance.

Victor D. Please pray for me to make it through my out-of-state case.

Joe G. Please pray that the Judge let’s me go home.

Michael V. Pray for my family and friends and for me.

Rick M. Pray that all on this list make it into God’s grace and are blessed.

Deonte H. Pray that when I go home I get a job, car, and for my family.

Scotty R. God, Please bless me and my family and friends and help me.

Alfredo M. For god’s grace, and to stay full of the Holy Spirit.

Brian W. That I keep serving Him.

Rich S. Help me to spread the Word on my floor.

Steve V My friend Candice is going through hard times. Pray for her.

Forzay W. Pray for my step daughter, please. Not doing well with this.

Keith G. to go home to my family soon, including my newborn son.
I pray that God will give me another chance!

Joe R. That I can visit Willow Creek Church!

Jesse S. Pray for my, my family, and the world at large, Amen!!!

Michael B. Pray for myself to go home with my family.

Sergio P. for a better relationship with God and my daughter.

Louis D. Pray that I go home on E.M. Daily Report program and that
God be with me when I go home and for my family!

Ruben M. Pray for all of us here in CCJ, to know my call.

Jimmy B Prayers for my family.

Keith D. Pray for my kids, family and the woman that I love, and me!

Alex C. Pray for my family and I.

Nick G. Pray for me to deal with my time here and my family.

Fabian M. Keep my family in prayer as well as my court case.

Andre C. Pray for my family and for me when I go to court.

Marlon B. Pray for my family and I and keep us in your prayers.

Marcello V. Pray for my family and my friends.

Phillip E. Pray for you that came out to worship with us and your families, also
That you return safely next week.

Cornell B. Thank you for being here and I’ll pray for you, and you pray for me, also.

Joshua P. Pray for my family, pray that I humble myself as a person and as
I go to court.

Johnathon H. Just pray.

Fred W. Pray for me to have favor in court

Ambrose F. that I go home and for my family.

Clifton H. for continued grace and mercy from my Heavenly Father..thank you!

Darryl B. Pray that I may remain in the program!

Jose’ D. Pray that God and my wife forgive me, and that she comes back.

Steve S. Pray that God touches my Judge and officials…pray for my family.

Wayne P. Pray that I stay out when I get out of jail!

Tyson B. Pray that God helps me with my walk and for my addictions.

Benjamin P. Pray for my family-that God gives them the same opportunity he gave me
To have a relationship with Him!

James R. Lord, please keep my son safe!

Frankie J. Pray for my family and my next court date.

Michael S. Pray for my family, my fiance’, and for my upcoming release.

Jeffrey J. Pray for my family and my fellow inmates.

Gregory W. Pray for my strength in the Lord and my family who are experiencing grief.

Berry B. Pray that the Lord will pour his blessings upon me.

Jonathan H. to be a more effective part in the body of Christ.

Robert G. that my mother be freed from the spirit of alcoholism.

L.C. A. this place and my house

Ronald F. that God’s Spirit keep me mindful, strong and full of courage in court. Pray that God’s Will be done full of mercy and grace. May his loving kindness and tender mercies deliver a wretch like me from my self-bondage of substance
Abuse and imprisonment. Pray he protect my parents in their old age during
My absence.

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  1. Prayers for Brian A. for health and strength. May God protect you and guide you through this difficult period.