Saturday, July 18, 2009

Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

What a great Vision & Mission

Vision Statement - To transform the incarcerated from lost sheep, to fully armored, God glorifying Soldiers of Christ so they can live the purposeful life God created them for.

Mission Statement – To unite Christ based ministries who can provide the resources to accomplish the vision statement of Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

And such a wonderful call to network:
To believe that one ministry can do all this on one person’s vision is impractical. It will require the networking of many ministries. Some ministries will share commonalities in their visions and mission statements. While others will contrast greatly in their visions and mission statements, with one exception, they all are to glorify God. It is networking the unity of common vision statement and uncommon vision statements, common mission statements and uncommon mission statements together, for the glory of God that details Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries mission statement.

Thank you for building such a firm and Biblically solid ministry;

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