Saturday, November 7, 2009

The House That Grace Built

The House That Grace Built
~Transitional Living for Women Coming Out of Incarceration ~

Each year the Lake County Jail releases approximately 1,080 women back into our community. A random re-entry survey of 100 women found that 76 women were identified as needing housing. Of that 76, 34 women (45%) were classified as homeless. 59% do not have a high school diploma. Without intervention many of these ladies will return to the street economy drugs and prostitution to survive.

The House That Grace Built provides intervention for these women at the critical time of being released from jail and provides them with options that include a safe place to live, job and office skills training, personal and spiritual growth and development, parenting skills, financial management and coping skills that will allow them to become self-sufficient and independent of the welfare system.

Please click on the link to their website to learn more.

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