Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Hey Everyone!

Volunteers Present: Paul P., Bob V., Craig S., Craig D., Adam S.

With the absence of our current Music Men, Paul P. brought in his "boom-box" and provided a CD of the Cathedrals. Such songs as: Sinner Saved by Grace, Something About that Nome(Jesus) and Suppertime. It was interesting for the inmates, since none of them ever heard any of these songs!

65 men attended the services tonight, of which 11 were first timers. Of the 11, 9 were not sure as to whether they were Christians or not. One young man said that he thought he was a Christian, but declared that he was Catholic and that he wasn't about to change his religion. I then explained the difference between religion and being a Christian. I explained that religion was an organization and that Christianity was being a true follower of Jesus Christ. That the two can go hand-in-hand. He then said that since he was Catholic and he was a good person, God had to let him into heaven.

Since our time was running out, I tried, very quickly, to explain the difference between organized religion and being a follower of Christ. I told him that Catholics can be Christians if they have a personal relationship with Jesus (in their hearts'). He still didn't understand and thought that I was trying to change his religion. I told him to talk to other Christians on his floor and to please come back next week. After the evening was over, I went over to him to give him a hug, but he was NOT very huggable....Please pray that he will understand.

Of the 11--8 gave their lives' to Christ and 2 were already saved, but made a new commitment to Jesus. Praise God.!!!

In 3 of the small groups, run by Adam, Bob and Craig D....something interesting happened....without these 3 volunteers talking to each other, all three groups talked about PRAYER and how to pray....Quite interesting.

Volunteer Prayer Requests:

Ed B.--wife illness and up-coming brain surgery.

Ramiro M.--for his son and his family, (son very ill and still in the hospital).

Gaius--refreshing time spent with son Jesse at Church Camp for several days.

Paul P.--need more business in his new job as a Handyman.

Craig S.--Patience

Adam S.--needs a job....needs a job....needs a job....and NOW.

Bob V.--That his business will get a boost in this economy and get moving.

Craig D.--to learn how to give the Gospel Message in a clear and understandable way.


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  1. Sounds like an evening that went a little different than planned with a great outcome.

    Thanks for the update and thanks for your dedicated service to Christ.